The Lower Brazos River Coalition is a grassroots partnership of concerned individuals, organizations, municipalities, ranchers and farmers, environmentalists and conservationists, businesses and industries, seeking fair and effective Brazos River water supply management.

The Coalition is a Task Force of The Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County.

The Coalition advocates for fair and just management of the Brazos River during drought and flood.


The Lower Brazos River Coalition seeks to ensure that the river’s limited resources are developed and managed for the benefit of all. This includes local communities, industries, agricultural needs, energy concerns, sportsmen, wildlife habitat and critical environmental flows.

The Coalition serves to provide a collective voice for downstream interests as competition for water increases.

Lower Brazos River Coalition Executive Committee

  • Chair: L.M. “Matt” Sebesta, Jr., P.E., Brazoria County Judge
  • Vice Chair: Ivan Langford, Ivan Langford Consulting
  • Secretary: Gene Fisseler, GP Fisseler Strategies
  • Treasurer: Patti Worfe, The Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County
  • Member: Glenn Lord, Dow Chemical
  • Member: Lavelle Edmondson, Marathon Petroleum
  • Member: Brandon Wade, Gulf Coast Water Authority
  • Member: Ronnie Woodruff, Brazosport Water Authority

Lower Brazos River Coalition members (see list here)


  • Keep water flowing down the entire length of the Brazos River
  • Work together to share this limited resource
  • Seek responsible, balanced management of river water and flood control – based on science, sound engineering and state law
  • Ensure proper management of water resources for downstream businesses, energy concerns and local communities – as well as for wildlife habitat for fishing and hunting and critical environmental flows
  • Ensure more water conservation, enforceable drought management and enhanced water supplies throughout the Brazos River Basin
  • Examine policies that may place a primacy on holding water in upstream reservoirs over release of water for beneficial use downstream
  • Support the TCEQ Watermaster Program for the Brazos River
  • Support the development of new water resources that will benefit the lower basin water supply

The Lower Brazos River Coalition is a Task Force of The Economic Development Alliance for Brazoria County

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