Pass a Resolution in Support of the Coalition

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RESOLUTION OF THE ___________[entity name]______________, ___________[city or county]__________, TEXAS

WHEREAS, the Brazos River stretches for more than 840 miles across the State of Texas and encompasses a watershed of more than 44,000 square miles; and,

WHEREAS, the Brazos River is the lifeblood of communities, schools, counties, agricultural interests, businesses and industries across the state and, in particular, in the lower basin; and,

WHEREAS, major portions of the Brazos River watershed have experienced severe drought conditions for the past six consecutive years which has reduced flows in the river to record low levels and which is projected to continue for the foreseeable future; and,

WHEREAS, the State of Texas has recognized the need to enforce the State’s century old doctrine of senior water rights through the establishment of a watermaster program under the authority of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the Brazos River; and,

WHEREAS, there are numerous organizations based in the upper and middle portions of the Brazos River basin that have vocally opposed the establishment of the Brazos River Watermaster; and now seek to limit, reduce or otherwise restrict flows in the river; and,

WHEREAS, citizens, businesses, municipalities, counties, farmers and ranchers, school districts, and industries located in the lower Brazos River Basin recognize the economic hardship and negative impact on the natural environment that would result from such restrictions; and,

WHEREAS, these same citizens, businesses, municipalities, counties, farmers, school districts, and industries find it to be in their best interests to form a grassroots organization dedicated to insuring the flows on the Brazos River are not restricted by upstream interests.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT HEREBY PROCLAIMED by the ______[entity name]______ supports and endorses the creation of the Lower Brazos River Coalition the mission of which is to protect the interests of its members by protecting the current flows in the Brazos River.

Dated this ___ day of ______, 2015, and signed by the presiding officer, to wit:


(printed name)